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Baby Buckets | Unique Handmade Baby Gifts

Baby Buckets include Itty Bitty soft and silky baby blankets + spare bitty, crochet organic cotton baby bootie loafers and a crochet mouse baby rattle all contained in a fun and useful fabric basket.

It is no secret I like to make things, especially things babies. How much happier and cuter can it get? So, it is no surprise that when I went to my friend Kate’s baby shower last year I brought a handmade gift that I dubbed a “baby bucket”. Lots of happiness contained in a useful, fun bucket makes for a unique, handmade baby gift. No duplicate gift issues with this one.

Here is the first baby bucket up for grabs.
The bucket is 7″ x 8″ and is filled with crocheted organic cotton baby loafers size 6 months, crocheted mouse baby rattle and a bitty + spare bitty. The soft and silky mini baby blankets are are 14″ square with satin on one side and minky on the other. Why a spare bitty? Every mom knows that when it is time to wash a baby blanket separating it from the baby can be a harrowing task. We want to make sure you have an identical blanket to switch it out with for washing. Or a spare replacement in case of a terrible event where the main bitty gets lost, eaten or otherwise incapacitated.

I don’t plan on making too many baby buckets as it is super time consuming but this one is available now in the store.

My cats took over the first bucket I made… keep an eye out for my cat bucket bed post coming soon!

Credits: baby loafer pattern by hook candy.


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