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Beetle Rock Project

Painted rocks

Since I was little painting rocks with my family has been a summer vacation tradition. Scattered around the house are rocks painted in the 70’s by my dad, my sister and me. The past few summers we started painting rocks with the girls. They love it and I find it relaxing. Out of this activity, the Beetle Rock Project was born.

mvrock manrock carrock


What should I do with all the beetles I painted. Well, send them out in the world and let others enjoy them. A little experiment… leave beetles with notes for others to brighten their day and see how far they travel. If you find a rock you can keep it or pass it along to make someone else happy. Each beetle has a number on it’s belly and you can visit the Beetle Rock Project on Instagram to find your beetle and comment on where and when your beetle was found. Then we can all follow along on the journey.



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