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Gift Ideas | DIY Handmade Baby Announcement

watercolor baby announcement

Are you looking for a gift idea for a new mom? Try this super easy baby announcement project that produces nice results. All you need is watercolor paper, watercolors, pencil, ruler, eraser and a black pen such as a super fine sharpie. You can make a card or a framed piece of art and the recipient will love that it is handmade.

Step 1
Choose the size watercolor paper, if you are making a card, 4×6 is a standard size or you can choose a size to frame. I like to sketch everything out in pencil first to get the right size letters and to make sure everything fits well. I try to keep the letters one inch in height. Create a grid with pencil lines marking the top, bottom and sides of each line of text. This will help you when you start to paint the spaces between the letters.
gridlines  penciltext


Step 2
Trace over the penciled letters with your black pen. Don’t worry if it is not perfect, that’s what makes it special and handmade.

ink  colortext


Step 3
Break out the watercolors. Choose the colors you plan to use, three or four colors tend work well. Paint washes between the letters staying between your grid lines. Leave a few spaces in the letters unpainted if you choose.


Step 4
After everything is dry, erase all your pencil marks and admire your work of art:)


Some more photos:


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