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Girl Crush


I have a bit of a crush on my dental hygienist. Not in a kissy, kissy sort of way but anyone that makes me laugh that hard earns a special place in my heart. Making me laugh that hard while sitting in the dentist chair, getting my teeth scraped upgrades it to goddess status. She is the type of person I would like to hang out with and definitely have a cocktail with. Every six months she makes me laugh my ass off while cleaning my teeth.

I know she loves her job because the more plaque and food there is for her to scrape off the more excited she gets. For me that is sort of in the realm of popping someone else’s zits or peeling off old sunburnt skin…so it’s hard for me to relate to her joy, but I love that she loves her job. Her reaction to plaque itself makes me giggle. I also love that she laughs at me. I don’t think most people think I am funny so I appreciate that she relates to my humor and daily life challenges. Let’s not even talk about the fact that she thought I was ten years younger than I actually am. Clearly, a woman after my heart!

I tell her how my mom gets irritated with me when I use my finger to get the food off my molar shelf. Unfortunately my molars are sideways which create an annoying shelf for food to get stuck on, leaving me feeling like a chipmunk. My hygienist know this as she is currently in my mouth scraping the goldmine of plaque she found there… score! I think I hear her celebrating in her head.  She lets loose that she sometimes flosses her teeth with her hair when floss is unavailable.  This cracks me up and makes me laugh even harder when I think of my mom’s reaction if I flossed my teeth with my hair at a restaurant. She might think using my finger is fairly mild compared to that.

I am sure she doesn’t reveal her deepest darkest secrets to anyone, but I think we are cut from the same stone. I come from a family of TMI’ers (too much information) and I think it takes one to know one. I relate to her quirkiness, candidness and upbeat personality, all my favorite qualities.

I can only imaging what her boss and patients in the next bay are thinking as they hear us laughing like school girls. Talking about flossing teeth with hair, animal personalities, and the distinct differences between my chattiness and my husband’s muteness while at the dentist. Probably distracting to the precise dentistry of applying crowns happening ten feet from us. She may be reading this, so I hope I haven’t violated any unspoken girlfriend rules or that she doesn’t now think I am completely weird and crazy, hopefully just the normal amount. I don’t think I could take it if there were uncomfortable silences next time I visit the dentist, that would bum me out.

She is just a ball of fun, a rare find and I hope her employers know what a gem they have. I actually look forward to going to the dentist, so that is just a bonus and a bunch of happy all the way around.


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