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Learn to Crochet


I love to crochet, and it didn’t start out that way. I started out knitting, but dropping stitches is such a downer. That doesn’t happen in crochet, you can’t lose your entire project because you dropped a stitch 8 rows back. I also like small, shaped projects and found crochet perfect for my needs. I am a small project person, that works better with my attention span. I have done a number of larger knit projects including an amazing sweater for Zoe. Wish I had made one for me as she has sadly out grown it.

I learned to knit first. I was dealing with some post-partum depression from a miscarriage and I needed something to slow my brain down. There is so much counting in knitting it took my complete focus. It helped me get through a tough time. I started with the typical scarf, then moved on to sweaters and baby booties. Knitting baby booties is hard, crochet is much better suited for that, so with the wonders of the internet I learned to crochet.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel with tutorials. Here are some links to get you started crocheting today!
Slip knot and chain stitch
Single crochet stitch
Half double stitch
Double crochet stitch
Treble crochet stitch

Stick with it and happy crocheting!!

Stay tuned for a quick + easy baby rattle pattern to get started.
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