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Letterpress Love


As a graphic designer I often find myself glued to a computer which sometimes sucks all the creativity out of me. In an effort to step away from the computer and explore other avenues of creativity, letterpress seemed like a natural progression. It had been in the back of my mind for years. So a couple of years ago, I jumped in and acquired a rusty table top kelsey off of ebay. After de-rusting with the recommended lemon juice concoction it was time to play.

It didn’t take long to realize that I loved the letterpress and soon found a 1915 C&P that a nearby printer didn’t want to transport in their upcoming move. So, the one ton monster came home with me. I tend to jump into things and figure it all out later. My husband researches things to death so this personality trait I possess is probably a hard one for him to swallow. But, he went along with it and it now sits in our garage and keeps the little press company.

I have printed invitations and a few small jobs but I primarily print whatever makes me happy. I love to print Zoe’s drawings, they make me smile. Current letterpress cards are for sale in the shop. Just for the record, my letterpress and I are available to print custom jobs just contact me for more information.



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