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Vasona 365

Vasona Strawberry Moon

Precisely 112 days ago, I was walking my dog on my usual route when I looked up and saw the moon rising or setting (not sure which) over Vasona Lake. The moon was huge and it was early in the morning, I couldn’t believe I didn’t have my camera with me. It was in that moment that I decided to to make sure I had my camera with me every day. An hour later Vasona365 was live on Instagram and I was committing to taking a photo of something, somewhere in the park everyday for a year. It’s been 112 days now and I have gotten out of bed at 5am (and dragged my daughter with me) to take photos of the strawberry moon setting over the lake and I have and have explored almost every nook and cranny of the park. However, there is still so much more to explore. The first 100 days I stuck to my iPhone camera, but after 100 days I was ready to break out the SLR to get some more creative photos.

Join me on my year long journey exploring my backyard in photographs… follow along here. Below are a few of my favorites, you can see more photos here

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