Letterpress printing dates back to the 15th century. It is known for the luxurious imprint into the paper resulting in a tactile and textured feel. The printing process requires attention to detail and is completely manual. Each piece of paper is hand placed in the press. Every color of ink is hand mixed. Set up is meticulous to ensure all colors are registered and imprint is even. Each color requires a separate plate and an additional run through the press. This is why you will see costs go up with each color to accommodate the increase in cost of extra plates and the additional time needed to clean the press between each color and run a second or third color through the press. We use high end 100% cotton paper that can best handle and display the imprint left by the letterpress. The increased cost of luxury paper also contributes to the cost of letterpress printing.

“The end result is a timeless and beautiful printed invitation or card that was crafted with thought and attention to detail.”

Quote from happy client

A venture in everything handmade and happy.

Ali is a long time graphic designer and art director with experience at top agencies and well known companies. She is a self taught letterpress printer. She is passionate about creating and sharing handmade items to bring joy and happiness to others. Ali is most proud of being a mom to the beautiful and talented Zoe and of CANTER California, a non-profit for retired racehorses she founded in 2008.

Ali has a love for old things. After learning to print on a Kelsey tabletop letterpress she purchased on ebay, she acquired her 1908 Chandler and Price press from a local printshop in 2012 . She later added the 1890 Palmer and Rey’s paper cutter to her antique printshop collection.